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Who Are We?

At Workplace Incentives we admit that there isn't a 'one true solution' to solve all of your problems. However there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise that points to a multitude of superb solutions that will all enhance your work environment; whether used individually or in combination with each other.

We want to make work more rewarding, and we're working to do just that! The very fact you're on our website reading this suggests we're talking sense and/or doing something right.

Workplace Incentives work with key thought leaders who are specialists in their respective fields. Our vendors and partners are all hand selected professionals that we feel offer something our clients would benefit from. The products and solutions we offer are in-part from us and in-part from vendors that we work with. In addition, we have a series of partners who are all in agreement with the Workplace Incentives concept of work-based incentives are better.

Coupling the expertise of our partners with our range of solutions they have each created a bespoke 12-month plan. These 'plans' are best suited to organisations wanting to focus their enhancement on one of the specific areas of expertise of one of our partners. Each partner recommends a 12-month plan that mixes their own products, services and expertise, with a range of our solutions. A plan is a premium solution rich in knowledge, eresources, physical products, work-based solutions, and even seminar or workshop time with our partners in person.

Take a look at our partner profiles below or skip ahead to see their recommended Premium Solutions.

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