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Partner Plan - Perfect Pressure

Working with our partners on what they think is the best way to enhance a workplace, we are creating a set of unique bundles of 12 month plans. Each partner has chosen the combinations of our solutions that they think would best help a specific type of dysfunction within an organisation.

Michael Licenblat recommends the following 12-month plan:


What Does That Mean?

Looking at this plan in more detail we can break it down and see how much you would be working with us throughout the year. This plan in particular offers in excess of 124 hours of service spread over at least 40 face to face sessions with us and/or our partners. In addition, we would be supplying each of your employees with an informative CD, access to Michael's online resource center, and a 4month eCourse. Furthermore you would be signed up to WooBoard to manage internal staff recognition and employees will receive massages throughout the year.

How Much Does The Plan Cost?

Per Day Per Employee : Just $5.30!*
Monthly Cost Per Employee : $159.12*
Monthly Cost To The Company : $4773.83 

*Based on 30 Employees


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