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Partner - Sally Boardman


A rare delight. Sally holds an MPhil in Psychology, is a qualified NLP Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. Sally combines over 10 years experience working as a psychologist and occupational health / rehabilitation consultant, with a deep study of yogic philosophy to bring a unique perspective on work-life balance and the pscyche of our workplaces.


Working as a psychologist and occupational health consultant for over 10 years in a diverse range of workplaces has gathered unprecedented knowledge and understanding of workplace psychology. With roles ranging from large multinational companies to public health and social sectors in both Australia and the UK Sally has applied her skills across truly varying scenarios. She was involved in not only pioneering the way occupational health works today in the UK but also in developing the Scottish Governmental strategy on “Healthy Working Lives”.

From implementing preventative health strategies, to helping rehabilitate people back to the workplace, Sally brings to Workplace Incentives a wealth of hands-on experience in occupational health, happiness and productivity, coupled with outstanding knowledge of the field.

In addition to her roles, study, and experience as a psychologist Sally also has great interest in the benefits of relaxation, meditation and yoga. Sally feels that the workplace should no longer be a place of tension and disorder but a place of efficiency and even enjoyment.

Specialty - "Mixing The Science of Psychology & Wisdom of Yoga"

Sally has created a plan that mixes the wisdom of Yoga, passed through generation after generation with the Science of Psychology, which has recently made huge leaps forward regarding the benefits of positive psychology. To bring this plan to action in your workplace click here

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W: WorkplaceIncentives.com.au
T: 1300 662 022

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