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Partner - Mark Dobson

Mark DobsonAn Overview

No matter how brilliant the systems and strategies are in a business at the end of the day, people drive that business.

If your people are sluggish, your business will under perform. However if your people have a vitality and passion for their work, they can drive your business into what it is capable of. People with passion and vitality are an essential fuel to business success yet passion and vitality can only exist when people are lead to grow and excel into what they are also capable of.

This Leadership & Talent Development course looks at very real and tangible ways to get people, teams and businesses to live into what they are capable of.

A Brief Biography

Mark Dobson specialises in leading & developing elite talent.

Testimony to his ability, in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics Mark spent an entire year advising the Australian Olympic Swimming Coach Ian Pope, coach of Grant Hackett, Michael Klim, Matt Welsh and recently crowned World Champion Matt Targett.

He was a founding member of the revolutionary Bard Early University for elite teenagers in New York City. A project which was later acknowledged by President Obama for its educational innovation, and is now the model for 63 new universities being built by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Mark has both consulted and presented Talent Development strategies to businesses around the world, leading a social responsibility project for American housing magnate and billionaire Bob Toll and taking a local Australian business, The Summit, from a $300k enterprise to a $1million enterprise in less than 12 months. Mark is also the author of two best sellers, has been shot at in a tribal war, leapt from a sinking raft in a hurricane and done stand up comedy in New York City.

You will find Mark the most unique and captivating of speakers. He bypasses fluffy theory, instead sharing proven strategies that you can use in your business immediately.

Specialty - "Leading & Developing Talent"

Mark’s training looks at both the skills and the mindsets required to:

  • Recognize and develop talent in yourself and those around you.
  • Engage those around you so they bring passion, energy & commitment to work.
  • Understand what drives the really elite and how to gain similar drive.
  • Create innovative & problem solving teams and people.
  • Have your 'Best Days' more consistently, even under duress.
  • Be savagely more effective with the time and effort you put into projects.
  • Be more fulfilled from your efforts at the workplace.
  • Move from 'crisis management' to sustainably being proactive.
  • Develop attitudes that allow a high performing team.
  • Dramatically decrease the stress, guilt and anxiety that comes with overwhelm.
  • Increasing both company output and employee fulfillment.

Further, as Mark has extensive experience working with elite families around the world, his training programs come with an optional bonus sessions on developing the talent in your kids. And a copy of his books “Parenting Freak Ability” & “How to Speak Fluent Teenager”.

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Contact Information

W: Elite-Thinking.com
T: 03 9824 0177