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Partner - Andrew Ward


Andrew Ward is able to bring a range of experience to the table.  Including how to build culture without spending money and how to manage Team Dynamics.

Andrew has also overseen the delivery of millions of massages provided in thousands of offices across Australia.  Whilst, completely unscientific and 100% anecdotal, Andrew has found that the most common way people describe themselves and work when asked by an Angel: "how are you?" has been "crazy...".  This implies broad-scale dysfunction across nearly every organisation, which naturally led the entrepreneur in Andrew to question the policies and rules that most organisation put in place.  Andrew has summarised his ideas on what are the "crazy policies" with Leave Crazy For Good - a 10-part e-course.


Andrew Ward has for the last 10 years overseen the development of many start-up businesses including this one and it's sister business - 3 Minute Angels.  Over this time Andrew has gathered real world experience in putting teams together with limited resources, but a big vision.  Andrew shares his penny-saving ideas with you.

Andrew has first hand experience in identifying the policies that frustrate people and what can be done to replace them with more workable policies.

Specialty - "start-up strategies for corporates"

Andrew brings a unique angle to Workplace Incentives Plans with his specially designed "Leave Crazy For Good Plan".  In this plan Andrew brings the strategies that entrepreneurs use to create team-cultures when they don't have money but do have Vision Values and Culture.

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Contact Information

W: 3MinuteAngels.com
T: 1300 66 20 22