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Our Background

Workplace Incentives is founded by the same people that started 3 Minute Angels. As Australia's largest corporate & event massage provider we have had access, through our corporate market alone, in excess of 16,000 companies and millions of employees. Throughout our time working in these workplaces we were able to hear first hand what drives employees and employers crazy. Having listened, Workplace Incentives was formed to put to good use our ten years of listening and help employees and employers alike leave crazy for good.

The basics of what we believe needs to happen in workplaces: 

- Experiences that make the workplace better; on-site experiences.
- Getting rid of crazy policies that are incumbent; but don't work.
- Embracing work flexibility; Location, Time, Days.
- Embracing Results-based pay and incentives.

The only problem is that specifically what works will differ, depending on each workplace, budget and the culture of that workplace. Working with you Workplace Incentives want to establish which of our wide ranging solutions is the answer to helping your workplace. If you want to gain an idea of a type of "Plan" that could be put into place please try our free no obligation Planner. The Planner will give you an estimated cost per month per employee and allow you to chop and change the types of solutions your Plan might include.