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The home of complimentary Angel brand businesses bringing massage and wellness services to Australian workplaces...

3 Minute Angels Angel Massage


The Workplace Incentives Group offers products and services all geared towards improving work-life alignment.

Work is a large part of our lives. It should be something we enjoy. At the very least it should be a place we feel wanted.

Engaged staff are more productive. Rewarded staff are more motivated. Happy staff are better staff.

If your workplace is productive, efficient, and well motivated, you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Workplace Incentives offer a variety of staff incentives and employee rewards that range from:

 massageteam experiences, group exerciseyoga, pilateszumbalunch & learning seminars and workshop sessions. 

All delivered by Workplace Incentives on-site at your workplace.

Employee wellness is in the forefront of leading business minds around the world.

Staff morale is linked to how they feel at work. Who'd have thought? Happy people make better employees...

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Workplace Incentives

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