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Top 20 Ways to Help You Improve Your Mondays - Avoid Monday Blues

Posted On: April 15, 2013, 11:23 am ; Read: 3099 time(s)

Mondays can be hard. You've had two whole days to yourself at home, doing fun things, sleeping in perhaps. Now comes the day to ruin it all...Monday!

Many people dislike Mondays and many suffer from 'Monday Blues'. Is there a cure? We think yes. In fact we think there are many possible cures. Ultimately though, if you really really dislike Mondays, perhaps you need to consider why? Is it not the fact it's a Monday but perhaps more the fact you really dislike your job? Work should be rewarding, not something we feel we have to show up for. Presenteeism is worse than Absenteeism.

If none of our Top 20 help you then perhaps you should consider that Monday isn't the problem.

Here's our Top 20...

1. Start the day early! Bad things happen when you're late.

2. Wear your best clothes / your favourite colours. You may be surprised at how much clothes can influence the way we feel.

3. Treat yourself Monday morning! Have a yummy breakfast you look forward too. Eat well, drink well & feel better from the off!

4. Make a list of why you don't like Mondays. You may find some things on it are easy to solve!

5. Do MORE work on FRIDAY! Putting things off on Friday means you have more to do on Monday!

6. Plan your day. Ensure you know what you're doing Monday. 1/2hr - 1hr planned time slots will help your day flow.

7. Prepare for Monday. Have your clothes, breakfast, files, everything all laid out the night before. Saves you time & stress.

8. Talk to a friend at work first thing. Keep the convo short. Take comfort in the fact that you're both likely feeling the

9. (My fav) Create a Monday playlist! Good tunes = good feeling! CD for the car or playlist for your smartphone / mp3 device ;)

10. Dance to your music, move on the spot, walk faster or jog. Movement generates positive energy. You’ll feel less lethargic.

11. Laugh & Smile! Look up a joke of the day, recall a funny event or fake it! Fake smiles have the same positive benefits!

12. Affirmative statements – Today is a great day. Stick positive messages around your monitor and take them seriously.

13. Buy something new! Make Monday a gift to yourself day. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just treat yourself.

14. Try something new. Surprisingly new feels good & energising! A new route to work, a new drink, a new lunch spot...

15. Choose to feel happy! Happiness can be a choice. Choose to be happy, upbeat & positive & Monday isn't so bad.

16. Start working! It’s usually NOT the work that makes us tired, it’s the THOUGHT of starting work that causes procrastination.

17. Make a list of the things you’re excited about. On Sunday create a 'positives things' list for Monday or this week.

18. Unplug for the weekend! Make it your own - don't check work emails or it will seem like you didn't get a weekend at all!

19. Plan something special for Monday night. A meal or DVD in perhaps. Having something to look forward to helps the day pass

20. Do not get distracted by Youtube, Facebook, personal emails or TWITTER! 10mins will turn into hours... That's our 20!

If you feel that none of these will make Mondays better for you then we seriously suggest you consider your Work-Life Alignment. Do you really want to be wasting your time at your current job if you hate it so much?

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