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About Us

Welcome to the Workplace Incentives website. Now that you're here it appears you would like to know a little more about us and about what Workplace Incentives does. If you are particularly short on time, perhaps you're on a break or at work and can only spare a few minutes, then we suggest you click here. If you have ample time then please read on to learn more about Workplace Incentives...

Our Philosophy

Our mission at Workplace Incentives is to help you to achieve a state of work and life, working together. We don't subscribe to the theory that there needs to be a balance or a sarifice. In our mind they both need to complement each other to give Work-Life Alignment.

We want work and life to be seen as one single rewarding experience. Work shouldn't be an activity that you just get on with to afford 'life'. We are passionate about the idea that everyone should be engaged in rewarding work. 

Our aim is to "Make Work More Rewarding" for everyone. That's a huge task and we don't single-handedly employ enough people to make a difference.  What we can do instead is deploy people into other workplaces and help make them more engaging, healthy, rewarding, and ultimately more prosperous.

Workplace Incentives specialise in providing 'in-the-workplace' solutions that are designed and proven to help enhance the working environment. Our solutions work to maintain a healthy, happy and effective workplace for employees. We truly believe that a workplace should be somewhere that you want be whether you are working in management or at an office floor employee level. All our solutions deliberately operate on-site, at your workplace.

Workplace Incentives have extensive experience in both listening to what people want from their workplace and helping enhance it. Couple our experience with that of Our Partners and we think we're onto something! We are dedicated and motivated to changing the common ‘crazy’ workplace practices into both sane and effective ones. We think it is time to speak plainly, to use some common sense, and end all workplace craziness once and for all!

Have dysfunction in your workplace? Employees feeling disengaged with their roles or the company? Have teams that aren't reaching their full potential? Or maybe you have a well performing workplace but it just isn't a place employees want to be? Browse Our Solutions and see how we can help you and your employees. For a quick generation of an all encompassing Workplace Incentives Plan spread accross a year of rewards, recognition and motivation, see our Calculate a Plan page.

Our Background

Workplace Incentives is founded by the same people that started 3 Minute Angels. As Australia's largest corporate & event massage provider we have had access, through our corporate market alone, in excess of 16,000 companies and millions of employees. Throughout our time working in these workplaces we were able to hear first hand what drives employees and employers crazy. Having listened, Workplace Incentives was formed to put to good use our ten years of listening and help employees and employers alike leave crazy for good.

The basics of what we believe needs to happen in workplaces: 

- Experiences that make the workplace better; on-site experiences.
- Getting rid of crazy policies that are incumbent; but don't work.
- Embracing work flexibility; Location, Time, Days.
- Embracing Results-based pay and incentives.

The only problem is that specifically what works will differ, depending on each workplace, budget and the culture of that workplace. Working with you Workplace Incentives want to establish which of our wide ranging solutions is the answer to helping your workplace. If you want to gain an idea of a type of "Plan" that could be put into place please try our free no obligation Planner. The Planner will give you an estimated cost per month per employee and allow you to chop and change the types of solutions your Plan might include.

Want to know more? Get in touch, or browse the site.

Short On Time? 5 Quick Ways To Get Started In Under 10-minutes:

1. Signup to our ten email eCourse (10-seconds) here.
2. Download our free workplace suggestions (20-seconds) here.
3. Complete a Plan (8-minutes) here.
4. Check your inbox for your first eCourse email.
5. Wait to hear from us regarding your Plan.

Our Partners:

Workplace Incentives work with key thought leaders who are specialists in their respective fields. In addition to the range of products and solutions we offer, we also have a series of premium solutions created by our partners. Our partners are all experts in their field and are all in agreement with the Workplace Incentives concept of work-based incentives are better.

Coupling the expertise of our partners with our range of solutions they have each created a bespoke 12-month plan. These 'plans' are best suited to organisations wanting to focus their enhancement on one of the specific areas of expertise of one of our partners. Each partner recommends a 12-month plan that mixes their own products, services and expertise, with a range of our solutions. A plan is a premium solution rich in knowledge, eresources, physical products, work-based solutions, and even seminar or workshop time with our partners in person.

Take a look at our partner profiles below or skip ahead to see their recommended Premium Solutions.


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